Empowering Lawyers to
Understand Contracts
Close More Deals
Identify Risks

SpeedLegal is a SaaS analytical tool that allows users to review and understand complicated contracts in minutes instead of hours.

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SpeedLegal uses a set of machine learning tools to extract useful data from bulk-uploaded contracts so lawyers can focus on the parts that require more attention.

Document Classification

Upload thousands of License agreements and find the ones with the highest risks.

Clause Titles Extraction

Find the clauses with the highest risks and skim through documents instead of reading line by line.

Keywords Extraction

Filter through documents by specifying the values you are looking for i.e. financials, dates, parties, jurisdictions.

Red-Flag and
Summary Report

Create and customize Red-Flag charts and Summary reports before exporting them as an excel, pdf, word or text document.

Understand contracts in seconds.