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Automated Contract Review VS Human Contract Review

Lawyer’s during more recent times are trying to develop methods of decreasing their timing on particular cases for more clients and more cases.
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AI based applications for the Legal field - analyzed

This Article Provides Insights Into How Adoption Of AI In Legal Field Will Bring About A Drastic Change In The Functioning Of The Legal Field, Its Advantage In The Field, And The Various Applications Used By The Lawyers To Carry Out Whichever Work Is Required To Be Done In The Legal Field.
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Smart Contracts and Proptech

Real Estate Transactions Carry The Reputation Of Being Conservative And Time Consuming, However, Contract Management Tools, E-Signatures, Smart Contracts, Etc. Are Currently Reshaping The Way Real Estate Transactions Are Processed.
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LegalTech and Real Estate Transactions - Unexplored Capabilities

Real Estate Is The World’s Largest And Most Important Asset Class. The Real Estate Transaction Process Is Very Time Consuming And Mostly Manual. This Sector Has Been Really Slow In The Adoption Of Technology. That Needs To Change.
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Artificial Intelligence - An Underutilized Tool Or A Hurdle For In-House Legal Departments?

Those Lawyers Not Adopting Legal Technology Could Ultimately Miss Out On 'A Very, Very Unfair Advantage'.
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How to Save Time and Money Using AI-based Software for your Contract Review

As New Tools Are Made, What Will Soon Separate Success From Failure Is The Ability To Use These Tools In A Fast And Effective Way.
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To ‘Bot’ or Not to ‘Bot’- Does using AI to aid lawyers cause ethical transgressions?

AI Has Made Its Own Niche In Optimizing An Attorney’s Work. This Paradigm-Shift, Though Immensely Advantageous, Has Led To Certain Gaps In The Implication Of Professional Ethics
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How Industries Are Using Artificial Intelligence To Scale Operations

Five Ways To Scale Operations.
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Artificial Intelligence is Enabling Accuracy and Scalability in Contract Review

Research Shows That Inefficient Contracting Causes Firms To Lose Between 5% To 40% Of The Value On A Given Deal.
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Artificial Intelligence is Changing How We Review Contracts

Natural Language Processing And Computer Vision Will Transform The Document Review Landscape.
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